The space we love is unwilling to remain merely geometrical; it has been lived in, not in its positivity, but with all the partiality of perspective.

Georges Perec


When asked what inspires me, my immediate response is always – people. People have always fascinated me; they compel me to think. Every individual is a world filled with experiences, desires, dreams, and beliefs. Over the years, we accumulate experiences that mold us, that shape us into the people we become. I perceive the relationship between a home and its inhabitants as both intriguing and moving. A home should be a place that envelops and nurtures, one that allows us to be precisely who we are. Thus, in every project I design, I immerse myself, feeling and imagining the emotions within its walls. How will its residents feel? What will each wall evoke in them? What sentiments will each space and room engender?

A space should narrate the story of its inhabitant and evolve alongside their journey. This is evident in how the space is partitioned and planned, in its dynamics, in the perspectives unveiled within, from the way light is introduced, to the elements and materials that envelope it. Vaturi Studio is an interior design studio established by interior designer Dikla Vaturi, a graduate with a B.Des degree from the Holon Institute of Technology-HIT. The studio engages in all facets of interior design, from conceptualization to furniture planning and space dressing. Our ethos at the studio is rooted in the ‘Design Thinking’ methodology, which places the individual at the core of the process.

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